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Angela Teal, MA, LCMHC, LPC

Serving Clients Since 1993

A North Carolina and Georgia Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, retired school counselor, educator, wife, mother, Gigi, and friend, Angela is the CEO and founder of Internal Peace Counseling and Wellness, PLLC.  With over 30 years of professional experience, she is committed to empowering clients to overcome the many obstacles they encounter while lifing. Walking with you through times of hopelessness and defeat she will assist in guiding you on your journey to obtaining sufficient and sustainable Internal Peace.

After obtaining her Master of Arts in Counseling Education from North Carolina Central University, Angela transitioned to public school counseling for 29 years giving her the experience to work with a wide range of individuals (adolescents, adults, and families). Remedying life challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and life transitions are a few conditions that she has tackled throughout her career. Life is full of interpersonal and emotional challenges, occasionally these times of uncertainty and challenge can be fear-provoking. However, Angela believes these life challenges provide an opportunity for growth. She will provide a safe and confidential space to explore your specific concerns while helping you build self-awareness, develop and achieve personal goals, and attain authentic relationships. With her encouragement and support, you will work together to develop an effective way of living a positive and productive life.


When she is not working, you can find her spending time with family and friends, reading, watching a great movie, or traveling.

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